Client Testimonials

The following are testimonials lifted from email and SMS messages from satisfied clients:

Anna and Richie

Thanks sa magaling na trabaho nyo nung kasal namin, we honor you for being so professional. Keep up the good work!

Jinky Sangalang

My sister and my cousin during the reception both look good that day, (actually we all look beautiful and stunning) and that is because of your shining talent. Grabe talaga. You really took good care of us that day, you went in the hotel early (kami pa nga ang na late maligo) but we are just on time for the wedding (maaga pa nga eh) still hindi mo minadali ang bawat isa sa amin (imagine 6 plus the groom kami nag-paayos). I highly recommend you as a make-up artist. A professional like you will go a long way. Again thanks soooo much.

Matea Jumalin

We can’t thank you enough for the help you extended on my wedding day (to me and to my whole entourage). You really made us all beautiful during that day. Thanks a lot Irene and more power to you.

Cora Jumalin

Thanks in a million for making me super beautiful on my special day. You were very impressive and my husband fell in love with me even more. I think you even saw that during the wedding. Thanks again Irene and I will definitely recommend you to my friends who will have their wedding soon.

Elaine San Juan-Tica

Hello Irene! I’m back in LA. I would like to thank you for making me (and the rest
of the entourage) beautiful on my wedding day! We are truly impressed
by your craft.

Joana Delluta-Badiola

Hi Ms. Irene, Just want to say in writing — THANK YOU again!!!! You have made me the most beautiful bride on my wedding day! At least that’s how I felt J All praises ang relatives ko at ang ganda-ganda daw ng make-up ko. A friend of a friend was even asking me who my make-up artist was! Kaya kung kani-kanino na kita na-endorse ha! Hehehe… Please also send my regards to Ava, feeling ko ang haba ng hair ko that day sa sobrang ganda ng hairdo. Bilib talaga sila.. J Anyway, wish you more wedding bookings to come! J

Eris N. Dayo

Just want to say thank you for making me a beautiful bride on my wedding day. 🙂 Please extend my thanks to both Ava and Angela as well. Thanks po ulit! Ingats po palagi! God bless!

Frances T. Ronquillo-Galan

Irene, thank you for making me the most beautiful bride as well as my love ones look wonderful and feel great on the inside. I am also glad to refer you to some of my friends and they are all very happy with the results. Again, thank you and God bless!

Teresa Estaca

“Two thumbs up for Irene! She’s very professional, expert to her craft, and very approachable. Actually, I felt comfortable with her since the 1st time we met, she’s like a long time friend already. I was impressed by her punctuality, she’s the earliest person who arrived among our suppliers. She took care of us from the pre-nup pictorial, until the wedding day proper. She’s highly recommendable! Thank you again for the great job! You made us stunning in our special day!

Pay Wong

“It’s such a blessing to have you as my make up artist, very skilled and professional. You even thought me how to have a pimple free skin! A lot of people said that I, along with my whole entourage, looked flawless and radiant. Makes me want to marry again! Ü I am so proud to have worked with you and you will always have my commendation to all b2b out there! A million thanks Irene!”

Manel Usapdin-Cosinas

“I loved how I looked on my wedding day… I had no regrets in getting Irene as my makeup artist and would really recommend her services.. She was one of my wedding suppliers that lived up with my expectations..Thanks, Irene for making me feel beautiful on that special day :)”

Catherine Dalangin

hi, just want to say thank you sa makeup…it loks so natural talaga…and the magic…hindi na halata pimples…na stress kasi kaya lumabas..buti na lang hindi ako nagkamali pagpili sayo..

Vanessa and Bong

hello! Our photos look really nice. thanks again for the excellent services… we really had a great time that day.. stress free wedding talaga…

Fenny Lynn Alcantar-Branzuela

I wanted to thank you for the great job that you’ve done for me, my groom and my entourage! the wedding started and ended smoothly with no hair and make-up emergencies because we have you and your team behind all of us. the photos and videos came out great to forever remind us of our big day…please do give my thanks to your team who assisted you on our big day as well..

Levi Pidazo

“I met irene at a wedding fair and I am happy to say that she and her team did a good job during my pre-nuptial shooting and wedding day. As every bride knows, the days before the actual wedding could be stressful and in my experience, the long stressful days of preparation showed on my face! I did not have any big pimples but my skin had this uneven tone and was rough textured. Irene took everything in stride and made wonders. The final look was natural and my usually oily skin looked fresh during the afternoon ceremony until our wedding guests left the reception at 10 pm. I look and feel almost beautiful on my wedding day.
The thing that impressed me the most about Irene is that during my trial she took time to know my skin type and how my skin reacts to make-up. The make up she used during my trial and my wedding day felt very light — as if I do not have any make up on! Irene and her team also came to the hotel on time and was able to cope with the extra number of heads for hair and make up. I did not regret getting her services and now that my wedding is over, I recommend her to my friends who are planning to get married.”

Karen Reyes

For our hair and make-up artist, we chose Irene Manigo. She was actually referred by my Mom’s officemate but after a while I saw great reviews on her from W@W (WeddingsAtWork), we decided to meet her up last February 2008. She was very friendly and gave out great ideas for the bride and entourage. I liked the way she was very detailed on her works and gave time to assess the bride’s wants and needs; that’s why we booked her on the spot! I can’t wait for the trial make-up on our pre-nuptial by June 2008 because I know Irene would do well.

Jerellt Abenoja

Irene’s professionalism is impeccable. During our prenuptial shoot, she arrived really early because I told her that we were only allowed to use the venue for three hours. Unfortunately, Fully Booked did not allow us to enter the premises earlier to have my makeup done because our contact failed to inform the guards. Because of this, Irene was forced to do my makeup inside a car. Throughout our “ordeal”, she remained graceful and kept on assuring me that she’s fine.
Irene and her hairdresser Ava also came earlier than their call time on our wedding day. They both worked non-stop making sure that we finish on time. I told her that I am sleep-deprived because of the wedding preparations and the demands of work. She told me not to worry. She was like a fairy godmother as she waves her magic wand (errr brushes) making sure that there would not be a single sign of a frazzled bride-to-be.
Irene and Ava also made my mother and mother-in-law look beautiful on that day. But my favorite of all is how she made my 80-year old grandmother look 10 years younger. 🙂

Marilou Agcopra

We met Ms. Irene during the Wedding Expo at the PICC Forum last Sept. 5. She’s been in the business for 15 years and currently owns a salon.

I’ve read positive feedbacks about her so when I saw her booth, I asked Richard to go and check it out.

I’m not a makeup person and I absolutely know nothing about it. That’s why I was a bit nervous about my trial makeup because I don’t know what I want or what makes me look good.

But after meeting Ms. Irene, I began to appreciate it more. She’s so good that it made me feel as if I’m not wearing any makeup at all. She’s really nice and she even gave me some tips on basic makeup application. Haha! I had a great time. 🙂 I have no qualms about her skill so we booked her right away.

I loved it, my mom loved it, and most of all, Richard loved it. 🙂

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